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A general question to Cypress

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I would like to know if any low-pin count devices (6 ... 16 pins) from the PSoC3 series will be released anytime soon. I have a few projects here that require very small devices but more power than the ones currently available on the market and PSoC3 would be the best choice if they were coming in such packages.



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We are working on defining low pin count versions of our next generation architectures but we're not releasing anything smaller than the 48QFN/48SSOP size devices any time soon.  We're working on new products this year based on the PSoC 3/ PSoC 5 architectures but again, we won't see these devices in the marketplace until the earliest, 1H2011.  

That said, we're still working on new PSoC 1 devices as well and there are parts in the low-pin count packages should these devices support your system requirements.


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 There's huge demand for low pin count PSoC in the horizontal market space. If Cypress makes it available like the Atmel's AVR or Microchip's PIC controller it will surely do well...

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