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ERROR: C:\DESIGN01\DESIGN01.CYDSN \GENERATED_SOURCE\PSOC3\ADC_DELSIG_2.C:70: 'CyIntSetPriority': requires ANSI-style prototype | Cypress Semiconductor

ERROR: C:\DESIGN01\DESIGN01.CYDSN \GENERATED_SOURCE\PSOC3\ADC_DELSIG_2.C:70: 'CyIntSetPriority': requires ANSI-style prototype

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I used the ADC example with the pot. It worked great. When I added a mux and the 16 input channels the ADC complained about:

ERROR: C:\DESIGN01\DESIGN01.CYDSN\GENERATED_SOURCE\PSOC3\ADC_DELSIG_2.C:70: 'CyIntSetPriority': requires ANSI-style prototype

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This looks like a version mismatch problem. I suspect you added a new ADC to the existing example project. This should be fine - we should support any released version of a component - but we're still at beta and make mistakes.

We made an error in Beta 3 where the ADC became incompatible with the cy_boot component. The cy_boot is a hidden component that is always present in your designs. The tool puts it there for you and does not allow you to delete it. It allows us to support version control over the boot code we generate during a build.

If you use the Project menu you'll see an item to "Update Components (Design01)". Click on that and use the dialog to update your cy_boot component to the latest. Rebuild and, with luck, the problem will go away.

FYI - guessing from the name of the component I suspect you may have two ADCs in the design. If so, you'll get a build error as there is only one delta sigma available in the device.

-- yfs

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