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Enabled & powered down - make sense?

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page 523 of psoc3 TRM says:

Table 1-283.  Bit field encoding: BYPASS_N_ENUM
Value Name Description
1'b0 BYPASS_N_DISABLE_BYPASS The buffer in the negative half remains on the s
1'b1 BYPASS_N_ENABLE_BYPASS bypass the buffer on the negative half of the sig
Table 1-284.  Bit field encoding: ENABLE_N_ENUM
Value Name Description
1'b0 ENABLE_N_0 power down buffer in negative half
1'b1 ENABLE_P_1 enable negative half of buffer

It means: that Delta sigma negative input buffer can be enabled (BYPASS_N_DISABLE_BYPASS)  and powered down (1'b0 ENABLE_N_0) at the same time


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