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Demos Showcased at ESC Boston

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I just got back from ESC Boston and I think the show went really well.  I was able to meet a few of the finalists from the PSoC 5 Design Challenge, which was an added benefit.
For those of you that missed it, I wanted to give you a preview of what some of the demos where.  We had three PSoC 3 & PSoC 5 demos.  All part of the theme “MCUs Can’t.  PSoC Can.”  They focused around PSoC’s ability to Integrate, Accelerate, and Innovate.
PSoC Can Integrate.
For this demo we showcased 1 PSoC 3 device driving 4 sensorless BLDC motors, each motor was 30K RPM.  Previously this had required 5 MCUs, one for each motor, and one to control them all.  PSoC did it in one.
PSoC Can Accelerate.
For this demo we showcased PSoC 3 driving 2 fans, and sensing their temperature, all in the UDBs.  You could actually halt the device in the debugger, and everything still worked.  It used some of our cool new components like our “fan controller” component.
PSoC Can Innovate.
I got to show off a really cool demo created by our Apps team.  We had 4 VDACs connected in parallel thru our analog mux.  This allowed us to create a custom analog wave.  In our case, we made an analog square wave.  It was done on a PSoC 5, and we used the Oscium (iPad O-Scope) to show the waveform in real-time.
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Can I get more information about the sensor BLDC design?

-Jimmy Z (Arrow FAE) 720 256 6207


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