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CSDAUTO module hang | Cypress Semiconductor

CSDAUTO module hang

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I am a newbie with Cypress and I am trying to use the csdauto module in a CY820436A with a 3.3v supply at 24Mhz. (I also tried 12Mhz but that didn't help with my issue).

The issue:    In assembly I call the csdauto_Start api and I can see the signal on my selected sensor pad. But the program does not continue past this point.  To verify that it hangs, I programmed it to set a port  pin high right after calling csdauto_Start and the pin never goes high.  (I have proven that I can set this pin high so that is ruled out as the issue). 

My Settings:  In the chip window> csdauto properties window  I left all properties at their default settings.  Using the wizard I selected P01 as the modulator cap pin and I connected 1 switch to my sensor pin.  Only 1 switch is activated in the wizard.  I selected 0 for the slider option.   Any ideas on why the program could hang during the csdauto_Start api?

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