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configuration in psoc 3

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I want to use multiple sensor interfaces in PSOC 3, and want to change the sensor interface on the fly through a command from a communication port..Im using CY8KIT-030.
How do I configure the PSoC to support all of the sensor interfaces at the same time?

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What do you mean by "sensor interface"? Do you want to connect multiple analog sensors to the PSoC, and select which one to be read?

You can use the Analog Mux component to select between multiple (up to 64) analog inputs (both single and differential).

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Thank you.

However i am planning to go by a diiferent method.

I want to select the analog sensor on the fly in the field from keyboard of data logger or from serial port command.

 For that, I am planning to store multiple configuration images in the flash, and select and transfer any one of them to pSOC as per the sensor chosen.

How do i configure?

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Without knowing much about sensors, type, interface, at the most basic

level you have a code loop looking at UART or USB, however you implement

the link to command PC, and when you get a "pick sensor 27" string, for example,

code simply loads that sensor, and runs it.


The command side best done in Visual Basic ? Just a thought.


Regards, Dana.

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