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clolck 16Mhz

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I need to generate a clock of 16MHz r, however appears a dc signal, this looks on an oscilloscope. But not for me.


Why psoc when working at high frequency pacer not have good performance

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 Hello ferchorr,

How r u generatig the 16 MHz clock?  what is the source of clock used ? Please attach your project so that we can have a look.

- srim


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Easiest and most precise would be to run BusClock at 48MHz and define a clock of 16MHz which then will use internally a divider of 3. Alternatively you can set the PLL frequency to 48MHz, keep the BusClock at 24MHz and defining a clock with 16MHz derived (unsynchronized) from PLL. Lastly you are free to use a 48MHz clock as input to a Timer and divide it by three.

The trick is that you need an internal clock running at a multiple of your desired 16MHz (a reference of 32MHz instead of 48MHz would have worked as well).

I hope you can see now that the clock definition and distribution in a PSoC is more flexible than you have seen so far.


Happy clocking


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