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Capsense & Smartsense

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Hi there !

This is a kind of consultation for those who know about Capsense.

I would need to build a kind of "matt"  to detect multitouch.

It shoul be  10 row for 15 column.

Each of those" Keys" should be arround 1 square inch.

I am wondering it is possible build such " matt" with Capsense and there will not be intolerable amount of interference among keys.

It should be considered that  the key form a surface of 15" long for 10" wide.


Thank you very much for any help about that.

Best regards all of you.




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A different approach would be a resistive touch-foil. Have a look at this AppNote:

Button sizes and cable would fit better than a CapSense keypad.



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Do you mean to build touch pad or just matrix of buttons ? In touch pads, finger position is calculated and in matrix buttons, which button is touched is detected. 

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