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CAN RX Mailbox Linking and IRQ | Cypress Semiconductor

CAN RX Mailbox Linking and IRQ

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The CAN Controller customizer does not allow selecting more than one mailbox IRQ in a linked group.  Does that mean that you cannot trigger an IRQ for each received message that is received by the linked group of mailboxes?  What would happen if I unlinked them and manually set the configurations exactly the same?  Would this cause some conflict when a message comes in that matches the filters of multiple mailboxes?

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When you make mailbox linked which mean they all have the same ID (AMR and ACR filters are same) . Only one single function is generated for the linked mailbox . There will be only one interrupt for the Linked mailbox . 

If you unlink them and maually set the exact same configuration with interrupt enabled , then you will receive the message in all the Mailbox and all the mailbox will generate the interrupt every time you receive the data with that ID .

I dont understand the need for interrupt in all the mailbox . Can you elobarate more on why you need individual interrupt for linked mailbox.


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