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Biphasic Pulse with iDAC | Cypress Semiconductor

Biphasic Pulse with iDAC

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I'm curious as to whether I could use two iDAC to create a constant current biphasic pulse to stimulate biological tissue. I don't completely understand the iDAC compliance voltage and how it would relate to my project. I would like to produce a 100 microAmp pulse with a total duration of 1 ms, and the load will be 0.5-1.0 MegaOhms.

Cound someone comment on the iDAC compliance voltage, and if my load and current requirements would be possible using the iDAC.


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100uA into 1Mohm means 100V across the load. Don't think you can use the pSoC IDAC directly. you need to have external circuitry to do this.

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