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Accessing FLSHID_CUSTOM_xxx registers | Cypress Semiconductor

Accessing FLSHID_CUSTOM_xxx registers

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In a thread called "serial number" in this forum, "PSoC Rocks" explained that by combining the content several FLSHID_CUSTOM_xxx

a unique serial number can be retrieved.

These registers have a weird address, 0xC0100 and following, which is in the memory region for external memory.

We have created a routine in assembly to access these registers, but where wondering whether that is the only way to do so.


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Since there is no external memory to the chip the addresses wil not conflict with other hardware. So your way of addressing (in assembly or C-language) will be the only one. Addresses are (afaik) not mapped into different regions for PSoC3s except for the bit manipulating areas.



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You cannot yield a unique chip ID, see this discussion -


Regards, Dana.

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