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64KB code size limit in PSOC3 | Cypress Semiconductor

64KB code size limit in PSOC3

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It looks thath there is a limit in PSOC3: the code adressing space is limted to 64 KB, on the other hand we can see that the adressing space for external memory is up to 8 MB.

My question is: is there a way to overcome the code space limit to say 256 KB ?

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It seems this post went unanswered i would also like to know if  there is a way to increase the code size limit of PSOC3

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In PSoC3, the 8051 CPU has a Program Memory Interface which can interface with Code space of upto 64K(16 bit address). Program memory space begins at address 0x0000 and ends at address 0xFFFF. Hence it is not possible to have code space beyond this. The 8051 can address up to 16 MB of external data memory.

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8051 core by itself can only address upto 64K memory, the DPTRs are only 16 bit. You need bank switching by using the extened SFRs if need memory more than 64K. 

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