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Whic h development tools do I need for CY8C21223? | Cypress Semiconductor

Whic h development tools do I need for CY8C21223?

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I've source code for specific usage of CY8C21223 chip for an application and circuit drawings.

How can I compile and program CY8C21223 chip? From the documentation, I undestand that PSoC Designer is needed and C compiler already included free. However, which kit do I need?

  • CY8CKIT-001  PSoC® Development Kit - 249 USD,
  • CY8CKIT-002 PSoC® MiniProg3 Program and Debug Kit - 89 USD
  • CY8CKIT-014 PSoC® FirstTouch™ Starter Kit - 49 USD

Small modifications to C program may be needed, but not a major change or re-design is expected.

If I buy CY8CKIT-002, will it be enough?



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 Hi Murat,

Can I know the exact application ? This will help me to use suggest you the kits. However, for starters, you require PSoC Designer to make your project and write your code. I suggest you to download the latest software available at This will ask you to download PSoC Programmer too. As far as kits are concerned, if you have your board ready, you will just be needing the Miniprog-1 available at to program your board.

Happy PSoCing !


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Good morning everyone. I have to program a device with a programmer CYC8C21334 Flash Runner, using a .hex file that I firstly used before with a MiniProg. Once connected to the PC via serial port I have to create the image file using the "Create FlashRunner Binary Format (. FRB)." The application then asks me to specify an offset, that I do not know. How do I read it from the .hex file? Again, the "Unused Bytes", are Don't care, 00h, FFh or User? Many thanks to those who can provide me with some support

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