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visual basic program with the kit of CYFI | Cypress Semiconductor

visual basic program with the kit of CYFI

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Hi, I'm trying to make an application with visual basic based on USB HID to control my hub. I'm using a CY3271 kit of CYFI. Is it possible? Any help?

Thanks very much

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how do i fill in
- ProductID
- BufferInSize
- BufferOutSize
in the code?
whats the bufferout size and bufferin
size, how do i get it?

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I do not have any ready program to control the CYFI kit.  But I have used the HID class activex control from the below link to communicate with HID class devices.  The control is very easy to use and has function calls to write data to the HID device and also handlers to process received data.  Check it out.

You can also use the example code provided by Jan Axelson in the below web page.

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