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USING AND CONFIGURING AMUX4 | Cypress Semiconductor


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The original question was:


My doubt is regaring AMUX. Please solve with respect to following points

{1} When we place AMUX4 module in the design where does it actually goes.

{2} how can we configure it and see it

{3} I dont know where it goes in baground


There are four Analog column input muxes numbered from 0 to 4 starting with the leftmost one. Since you may configure them at design-time nothing will be shown additionally and the color of the usermodule is just gray.

Click in workspace explorer (chip view) on the mux and select where it is placed by changing the "Analog Column Mux"-value from the list.


So: The AMux4 is not to be seen in chip-view but in workspace-explorer only. It can initially be set by clicking on it in the chip-view and changed by your program with the API


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From the datasheet -


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