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use of ModulationInputs

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I try to realize a synchronous demodulating of a signal modulated in 100khz.
I test the use of PSoc1. The use of " Modulation
Inputs " in a  SCC Block seem to allow it. But I do not how see routing this input with
PSoc designer 5.3.

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The routing for modulation input of SC BLOCK (generic) user module is not shown in the device editor of PSoC Designer. You need to write into AMD_CR0 or AMD_CR1 register.

For more details about this register, please refer technical reference manual of the selected device. 

-Rajiv Badiger

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In the TRM the section "23. Switched Capacitor PSoC Block" has the

registers you will need. Also AN2014 would be useful -


Regards, Dana.

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