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USB module of CyRF69213 | Cypress Semiconductor

USB module of CyRF69213

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Hello, I'm now making a board that using

It's implement a USB module v1.9 that's feature
is little different with usual PSoC1’s USB.

This USB device has only two endpoints,
(usually 8)


When set HID interface that’s working well but

Set to Vender-specific interface, INT transfer
that can not connect to PC.

Cause of "device can't start (error=10)"


I want to set this interface because of I want
handle it by CyUSB.dll

because HID interface can't. style="mso-spacerun:yes"> 


It seems special ploblem of USB of 69213.

An enumeration doesn't complete, I guess.


Is that a specific of CyRF USB?

Anybody knows about this, Let me know please.

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Article moved to [USB Low-Speed Peripherals]

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