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UART Communication

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I am working with CY8C29466 to communnicate with a digital sensor through UART Communication. The sensor works with the following UART settings.

- baud rate: 2400
- data bits  : 7
- stop bit    : 1
- parity        : Even
- Time out  : 1000ms.

With the example UART code I have done the above settings with 8 data bits and tested in PC hyperterminal.

How to configure the UART for 7 data bits?

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Hi, FYI, the PSoC3/5 can do 5 - 9 bits data on the uart, if ever you decide to move up.

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Hi, perhaps it will work with 8 data bit and  UART_PARITY_NONE   but you have to mask  the received bit sequence to get out the correct result  from the sensor.


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