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Tuning of CY8C21534 CSD user module | Cypress Semiconductor

Tuning of CY8C21534 CSD user module

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I'm using the CY8C21534 and have a few questions about the tuning process of the capsense CSD user module. Can someone help me with these?

- in the tuning process flowchart ( CY8C21x34/B CapSense® Design Guide page 32 )  it is stated that the SNR should be between 5 and 8. In all other documentation I only found that the minium is 5 with no maximum given. What is the problem if the SNR is higher then 8?

- in that same flowchart the Ref Value is set to 2. In what case should this value be changed to an higher value?





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Hi Danny,

If the SNR is above 8 the sensor may be over sensitive and may trigger even if the finger is up a distance. Also it  increases in power consumption. And varying the Ref Value changes the rawcount but generally Rb is changed to tune the rawcount.



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