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Anyone have a code base to talk to an SMBUS device. I see it alluded to that PSOC

I2C can handle with mods, but no examples. Device is Melexis IR Temp Sensor, they

do not have a PSOC example, and so far my efforts = fat zero.


Melexis has uChip code, I tried porting, chucked that. Tried another bit bnanging approach

found on web, nada.


Regards, dana.

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I already used this device and there is an application note on their web site which is similar in functionnality to the I2Cm UM. By the time I used this component I was using Freescale. The code I used at the time can be found at this address: 


Let me know if you need help

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Hello Dana,


There will be a SMBUS usermodule released with PSoC Designer 5.3, which isnt very far away.


In the meantime I'll see if I can get some example code to you.




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Here is a forum post talking about the MLX90614

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