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schematic with 8YC24794 | Cypress Semiconductor

schematic with 8YC24794

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I just find this forum, and i hope to have some answer to my questions.

In fact, i find on the Cypress site, this aplication:

ANd i like to know, if this aplication, "convert" usb, in RS232?

Moreover, how connect the Psoc to USb port?

Just VCC,D ,D-, and GND, and with the program, il fonction?

Thanks you for your help

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Have a look at this schematic, as an example of how to connect to USB.

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If you are using the USBUART module in the firmware, it is like a RS232 UART. On the PC side a virtual comport is been installed. You only have to use the inf driver produced by the PSOC designer.

You can use hyper terminal or whatever prefer as terminal.

It's quick and easy. There is a lot of documentation on the or this site


Best regards


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