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Reading material for USB

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 Hi guys I am sure there are some USB developers who are PSoC developers as well. But there are some interesting articles and guidelines you might have missed in the PSoC forum. I came across this old blogpost and I though I should be sharing it with you.


I feel that there is lot of USB related reading material out there – almost an information deluge - but there are few that encompass some of the key points of this protocol. I’m trying to compile here a few articles that I used to understand some of the basics. Hope this list helps!  

1. USB in a nutshell (By Craig Peacock) -

This is an old article (written in 2002) – but describes the protocol in a lot of detail. May be a little too deep for some – I had found it very useful to understand what really goes inside a USB pipe


2. Upgrading Embedded Design Firmware via USB (By Rakesh Reddy) –

This goes a little deeper into the embedded design with USB for those who are not satisfied with the first article above!


3. Common USB Development Mistakes – You Don’t Have To Make Them All Yourself! – (By Steve Kolokowsky and Trevor Davis)

This is a very handy article for embedded designers starting off with USB


4.  USB Technology: Multi-TT Hub Goes Head-to-Head With Single-TT – (By Patrick Schmid for Tom’s Hardware) -,677.html

Don’t go by the title. Most of us have used a USB hub at some point in our lives. This article – written back in 2003, gives a good understanding on how a USB hub works!


5. Increase the USB performance of your handset design (By Steve Kolokowsky) -

Now that 90% of world’s handset devices (>1.3Billion handsets sold every year) have a USB port, most popularly used for charging and data transfer – this article written in 2006 is very much ahead of its time.


6. Making USB Flash Drives Secure (By Anant Jhawar)  -

Great read on how the most common USB device around (the flash drives / USB sticks / thumb drives – or whatever you call them J ) can be made more scure


8. USB3.0 – The Next-Generation Interconnect (By Ashwini Govindaraman)

Good article on some of the basics of USB3.0