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PSoC Designer 5.2 Software Release | Cypress Semiconductor

PSoC Designer 5.2 Software Release

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PSoC Designer 5.2 is released and is available through the PSoC Designer web page:

PSoC Designer 5.2 is a minor release and will coexist with existing PSoC Designer 4.4, 5.0 and 5.1 installations.

The PSoC Designer 5.2 release has added the notable new features:

  • Updated ImageCraft compiler
  • Boot.tpl update to support custom code merge sections
  • Support for CY8C20xx6L Device Family
  • New SmartLED User Module
    • CY8C20xx6L Devices Only
  • New CSDe User Module
    • CY8C20xx6L Devices Only
  • Ovation ONS II LP Device Support
  • Update to PowerPSoC SREG Sleep settings
  • LINS user module support on new CY8C29xxx Automotive Devices
  • New Wireless-NL User Module for all Encore II devices
  • Update to SmartSense_EMC User Module
  • Update to ADC10 and CSDADC User Modules
  • New Device Package Support for CY7C638xx devices
  • Co-existence with past PSoC Designer releases

We are also pleased to announce the PSoC Designer Youtube page. The Designer Team will post new videos announcing new features and walk users through example projects. Currently we have a tutorial walkthrough for “Your First PSoC Designer Project.” This video can be found directly on the Youtube channel or linked on the PSoC Designer landing age.

Thank you and Cypress appreciates your continued support of PSoC Designer.

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