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In-program flash write fails | Cypress Semiconductor

In-program flash write fails

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EE2Prom User module's flash block write returns error code -1 (protection error) on a production board with CY8CLED04D02 while the same program code is fine on Start Kits CY3267, CY3268 with CY8CLED04D0CD1 onboard. ISSP programming by MiniProg1 (Reset Cycle) is ok, without external power via USB. Olso I can't fall inside the FlashBlock library to find out more detailed error diagnose. 

What should be done next, please?

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If the flash block is write protected then you may get this error, the status of different flash blocks can be changed by editing flashsecurity.txt file. For more details about EEPROM usage read the KB article at this link:

Same code should not behave differently on 2 different devices. Please attach your project here, I'll check it.

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