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problem with the analog digital converter and lcd | Cypress Semiconductor

problem with the analog digital converter and lcd

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 I have a problem with a program I'm doing, the program is displayed on the LCD while some data and generate an analog digital signal, the first part I have it but when I try to attach the analog digitalCONVERTION I erase all data the screen, do not help.

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The easiest way for us to help you is when you upload your project here so that we can have a look at it.

To do so:

1st: build -> Clean Project

2nd: Zip (NOT Raw!!!) your project folder

3rd: Upload the resulting zip-archieve here.


We'll have a look at.



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As Bob stated, post more info or a project.

Generally speaking you take A/D result, convert to alpha using itoa(), ltoa(), ftoa(), sprintf(),

and then use LCD print string command. See datasheet for exact typing of command. There

are different commands used to write string out of FLASH or RAM. In this case you write out of RAM.

LCD_PrString() for RAM based writes.


Noted you write string to LCD after you have used cursor position API commands to select row, columns.



Regards, Dana.

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