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PLT_Start Function

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    Good Morning!

I am doing on Powerline communication using CYCPLC20- 28PVXI. In coding, when i use the function PLT_Start(), its equivalent asm says this function switches the modem to receiver. I want to use modem to transmitt. How can i make the PLT_Start function to start the transmitter?

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I will try to get some PLC experts to provide you a response soon.


Best Regards,


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Hi Mouni,

PLT_Start() configures the PLT in receiver mode by default.
When you are using the PLT module in FSK Modem mode you can switch to the transmitter mode by using PLT_SwitchToTransmitter() and back to receiver mode with PLT_SwitchToReceiver(). To transmit data in FSK Modem mode use PLT_SendData().

When the PLT module is used with the network protocol Use PLT_SendMsg() to prepare the message to be transmitted followed by PLT_Poll() to send the message.


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