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I'm working with the example for PSoC1 of PIRMOTION kit and CY3236A schematic to measure PIR sensor. IHas been working fine until I have choosen VC2 data clock source instead VC1. I choose VC1 to manage the clock of CyFi and I fixed a value of 2, namely, VC1=SysClk/4=24MHz/4=6MHz. 

For other hand, I have changed the clock source of the ADCINC to VC2 and I have fixed a value of 3, namely, VC2=VC1/N=6MHz/3=2MHz. For me atonishment, when I change the clock source of the ADCINC module from VC1 to VC2 having the same value the project doent work properly. The values gets from the ADC are out of range.

I can't use VC3 to configure CyFi because I need this source with the module CNT8.

Anyone know what is this happening? Could I manage the clock in another way to use CyFi with this project?

Thanks in advance and regards,



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Post your project so forum can take a look at it.


Use IE or Firefox, not chrome.


Regards, Dana.

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Hi MagicPhoton

Maybe, there are some confusion of usage of VCs.

Is there some module using same VC for column clock?

I have looking around The RF HUB design,So I felt it.

Anyway, Need an actual design file to get more in detail.


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Check that ADC's clocks for digital AND analog parts are the same source.


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Thanks Bob . You are right, I forgot change the analog clock source, i thought that the changes occurred in both parts at the same time.

Thanks all for yours fast answers.



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