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MiniProg3 does not work in Reset mode | Cypress Semiconductor

MiniProg3 does not work in Reset mode

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I have  a mimiprog3. it programs the 3210 eval board when the board is not powered externally using 12 v adaptor. But when 12 v supply is connected  the miniprog doesnot recognizes the device. Also it becomeres very hot.



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You are meeting these constraints -


The following are PSoCEval power supply options:

1.  Powered by the MiniProg unit.
2.  Powered by a 9-12V DC wall transformer with
positive tip barrel plug and a 100 mA or higher rating.
Recommended model is CUI Inc., EPAS-101W-12.
3.  Powered by a 9V battery connected to battery terminals.
4.  Powered from the ICE pod in socket.
Only one of the power supplies should be used at a time. Do not
use a power supply that is less than 9V or exceeds 12V.


Wallwart is DC, not AC out ? Check with scope.


Sure sounds like regulator has failed and PSOC is getting latched

up, when it latches up it will draw ~ 200 mA and dissipate ~ 1W,

very hot to touch. Or regulator inside walwart has failed.


Regards, Dana.

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Thanks Dana for quick response

 The regulator is working fine. I am using miniprog3 and 12v adaptor only. I am using reset mode.

Is it miniprog due to fault in miniprog but it programs well in power cycle



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This apply ?


Regards,l Dana.

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Hello Rocky,


Do you have a Rev *A or Rev *B of Miniprog3 as Rev *A has some known short comings?


Also did you make sure you haven't enabled power in your MiniProg3 as well?




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1. Are you connecting anything on XRES pin or programming pins (P1[0] and P1[1] )of PSoC? Please note that in reset mode, the external programmer acquires the device after reseting it using XRES.

2. Also check VDD voltage when using external power source. What is the voltage reading displayed on PSoC Programmer software?

3. Which PSoC 1 device are you using?

4. What is the error message on PSoC Programmer software? 



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