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LED on/off using by Switch (CY8C20666A) | Cypress Semiconductor

LED on/off using by Switch (CY8C20666A)

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Dear all,


Here am using PSoc1 (CY8C20666A),I want to write a code for LED ON/OFF by using  two pin switch(this switch one pin connected to Vcc and Another pin connected to controller pin).

When am pressing the switch, LED will glow and Off simultaneously.

In my hardware ,i was connected a switch to P2.1, LED to P4.3 

In the coding, in built function is available for the LED ON/OFF like LED_OFF( LED0_Data_ADDR , LED0_MASK)

 Please give me a code for individual pin(switch)




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when you build a project archive we can have a look into your programming. To do so, use Designer (5.4) File -> Archive Project and attach the resulting file to your next post.



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