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lcd_start() function doesn't compile | Cypress Semiconductor

lcd_start() function doesn't compile

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I installed PSoC Desinger 5.4 on my laptop and on my desktop computer.

on my laptop everything seems to work fine, when i write LCD_ the software let me choose: LCD_Start(),  LCD_Position()..

but on my desktop I get LCD_CheckBusy(), LCD_CLEAR(), LCD_PrintChar(), LCD_SendCommand()....

I used the same installer on both computers and I can't find a way to fix it,

so I came here for help :)


thanks in advance and sorry for the grammar mistakes :)


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I cannot find the LCD_ - functions that you get on your desktop. Can you pleas post your desktop project here?

To do so: in Designer -> File -> Archive Project and then upload the resulting .zip here. Do NOT use chrome, there are problems,



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