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ISSP/HSSP CY8CTMA300 Programming Vectors | Cypress Semiconductor

ISSP/HSSP CY8CTMA300 Programming Vectors

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i would like to flash an CY8CTMA300 device using another µC by HSSP but i do not find the needed programming vectors to perform the flash. Is there a document available containing these vectors?



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Following documents should help:

HSSP guide:

Programming specifications:

-Rajiv Badiger

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In this documents there is a chapter called Appendix A. containing some programming vectors like "ID-SETUP", "PROGRAM-BLOCK" and "CHKSUM-SETUP" for some specific devices. I do not find a document containing the needed vectors for CY8CTMA300.

Kind Regards

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You might consider posting a case at -


“Technical Support”

“Create a Case”


Regards, Dana.

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