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ISSP Device programming difficulty... | Cypress Semiconductor

ISSP Device programming difficulty...

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 Ganesh/ Group,


I am using PSoC Express, a MiniProg and a CY3280 Capsense Development kit/card.


I have been having trouble getting the program (*.HEX) into the chip.



I just read your article about the most common solution to this problem.


I don't even think it was my problem, but I tried P1(5) and P1(7) instead of (0) and (1), for Clk and Dta.



Still, "Unable to locate device".



Any other suggestions?




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What is the exact error that you get when programming?  Is it "Cant acquire device?", or "Device not found in database"?  If the second, what is the device you have selected in the programmer?

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