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How to write code with PSOC send and receive data with GSM module by AT command? | Cypress Semiconductor

How to write code with PSOC send and receive data with GSM module by AT command?

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Dear PSOC Developer,

I'm newer use for PSOC programming. I want to use PSOC send AT command by UART module and connect with 3 wire Tx,Rx,GND. In 3 wire is need use flow control by software must to use XON/XOFF right? And this is my need.

1. Send command "AT+COPS?"+Enter button to UART.

2. When UART send it successful to GSM Module. GSM Module will send data back such as "Operator name".

3. I will bring it to show on my LCD display. (Methode for show on LCD Display it's ok, but in communication with GSM module it's not ok.)

I try to find source code sample for it but i cannot found it. If somepeople know how to write code for it. Please help me.

Thank you for your help.

Birdy. :)

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If you have code. Please use in C Language. Thank.

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Thank you for your answer. But I'm still cannot connect with GSM module. If possible could you please send you example code to my email "". I will be learning from you code. Thank you. :)

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We are also working on PSoC3 (UART) to GSM module interface send and recive data.

If any example code or application note  is avialable  pls mail me



S.Venkata Krishna

Sr.Engineer R&D


Phone   : 91-80-28372449 Extension: 219

Mobile : 919980742595


G.G.Tronics India Private Limited

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Peenya 1st Stage Industrial Area,

Bangalore-560 058, INDIA.

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You configurate modem (baurate,Echo,RST,DTS).I think you would configurate with 115200,8,N,1 (RST&DTS is off).EX: Wavecom Q2403,i use AT+IPR? and with end command "\r".

You need read AT command.And with PSoC, very easy to code.You need read document

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