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HC-SR04 whit psoc1 | Cypress Semiconductor

HC-SR04 whit psoc1

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Hey Guy's

Is ther a example that mesures the distance whit a HC-SR04  and Psoc 1

Whit best regards Ben



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Cypress Employee
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Hello Ben,

We have an Application Note for Ultrasonic Distance Measurement for Park Assist Systems. You can refer to this Application Note as a starting point, since it does not use the same ultrasonic transducer.

AN76530 - PSoC® 1 Automotive Ultrasonic Distance Measurement For Park-Assist Systems

A short answer is that we do not have an example for the HC-SR04. But the above mentioned AN works directly on the transducer, generating the ultrasonic signal from PSoC1.

After going through this AN, do let us know your questions.

Thanks and regards,

Sampath Selvaraj

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