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errors in building codes by designer5.4 | Cypress Semiconductor

errors in building codes by designer5.4

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 hello, I'm a beginner to psoc1. when i building codes in psoc designer5.4, there always are several errors,which can be built in other's PC successfully.

errors are as follows:

name translation failed on E:\PSOCDE~1.4\瀹夎\PSOCDE~1\5.4\Common\CY110F~1\tools\include\CY8C29~1 - 3
!E lib/adc.asm(22): file '' not found in current directory or in include path(s)
!E lib/adc.asm(277): no such mnemonic 'M8C_DisableIntMask'
!E lib/adc.asm(278): no such mnemonic 'M8C_DisableIntMask'
!E lib/adc.asm(279): no such mnemonic 'M8C_DisableIntMask'
make: *** [lib/obj/adc.o] Error 1
make: *** Deleting file `lib/obj/adc.o'
the m8c.h file has been added in the correct path , and somebody can tell me how to solve the problem?
os:win 7
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Double post by accident, follow here, please



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