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device SRAM

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Hello everybody,

  I have a little problem with a PSoC1 device I am using, CY8C23433-PVXI. The documentation states that it has 256 bytes of SRAM. I have a small application that uses 19 bytes and the compiler reports that 8% of RAM is used. However, when I compile the same project on a CY8C21345-SXI (documentation says 512 bytes of SRAM), I get the same report: RAM 8% full. 19 bytes used (does not include stack usage).

  Shouldn't be the reports different?

Thank you!

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Confirmed, I would suggest you file a MyCase (top of this page, Support & Community -> Technical Support -> Create a MyCase)

You will get response by a Cypress engineer.



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You could also file a support case at -


Regards, Dana.

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