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device programming with Mini Eval 1 and ICE cube. | Cypress Semiconductor

device programming with Mini Eval 1 and ICE cube.

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 hi developers,

                    I am trying to program a DIP PSoC device using a CY3210 MiniEval1 board (an obsolete one). The ISSP signals are derived from ICE cube. can any one tell me whether the way i am trying to program is correct. The configuration in which i have connected is as follows    PC-----------> ICE cube ---------------->CY3210 MiniEval 1 board .

 Only the ICE cube is powered from an external source. i am just trying to connect the PSoC designer software to the ICE cube but it says "could not detect the Pod". Please let me know whether the software i am using is correct or not. Actually i have installed a PSoC programmer software but i couldn't use it in a stand alone fashion and i suppose it works as an add on for PSoC designer. 

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PSoC Programmer can be used on its own,and infact Designer(and Creator) simply use the COM object from Programmer.


ICE Cube(havent used it myself,but..) should work with PSoC Programmer too.Atleast for programming.


Raise a case with tech support ..

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 Hi Prasanna,


You should always power the ICE-CUBE to let it operate. The checkbox "external power" is referring to whether the connected POD is externally powered (from the circuit) or if it should be powered by ICE-CUBE

PSoC1 could only be debugged by use of a POD or OCD part (on-chip-debugger). If you wire your PSoC using the 5 ISSP lines, you will only be able to program the part, not debug it.




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