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Device not recognized - CY3210 kit | Cypress Semiconductor

Device not recognized - CY3210 kit

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Hi --
My kit worked fine last week. This week, I get the "device not recognized" message when programming.


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Didn't you remove some stuff in accidentally?

Which module has the problem?

What's a building phase? Generate Configuration?

Can you roll back to the configuration at last week?

Need more information.

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Some questions/thoughts -


1) Using Miniprog1 or ICE Cube ?

2) Project shows processor part number matches what you see in Programmer ?

3) If using Miniprog1 you have not altered the ISSP connections to PSOC, see schematic attached.

4) Correct setting for power to board in programmer ?

5) Any pins to PSOC outside supply rails in Voltage


Post project, that might help.


Regards, Dana.


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