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DC Jack not working for Eval1 board | Cypress Semiconductor

DC Jack not working for Eval1 board

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The documentation for the eval 1 board states: 
"The power supply system on this board is versatile. The kit can be powered in three ways: using a

MiniProg unit, DC wall adaptor, or a 9-V battery. The DC wall adaptor must be of 9 V to 12 V, 1-A
rating unit. The onboard voltage regulator converts input 9 V/12 V into 3.3 V/ 5 V"

I have a 9V, 1.5A dc wall adapter. I plug it into the board and no voltage is showing between vcc and gnd. Any idea why? Am I missing something?

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The supply pretty simple so -


1) D1 could be bad

2) Regulator toast

3) Your adapter positive center, shell negative ?

4) R11 open




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