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CSD2x low voltage | Cypress Semiconductor

CSD2x low voltage

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Have anyone tried to use CSD2x with 3.3v ?

I wonder if by using 3.3v it would be harder to achieve good SNR on the ADC, or it doesnt affect it?

The datasheet of the CY8C28xxx family tells me that it can only run at 24Mhz if the voltage is over 4.75v, but psoc designer allows me to set 3.3v - 24Mhz ..

I beleive i can still have good scaning time even if the clock is running at 12Mhz. Is that true?

My capsense application requires very fast scaning time (under 10ms), yet no false triggers, or non triggers. It will have 17 buttons + 1 slider (5 elements diplexed)

Any tips on writing an efficient algorithm to achieve that?

Thx a lot


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