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hi,have cy8c29xxx got support Booloader?

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Cypress Employee
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Yes. CY8C29xxx has I2C bootloader support. The I2C bootloader can be found in the Protocol category with the name BootldrI2Cs

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hai i have been working on cy7c67300.i don't have boot code.while anyone know please tell to processed.where shall i get boot code and how to built the code into cy7c67300 controller.

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Your cy7c67300-device is an USB-controller, so better post your question in the USB-Forum. It might get overlooked here in the PSoC1 area.


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Hi sri4ever,
I was look around Cy7C67300. There is a Protocols/BootLdrI2C.
Why didn't you use it?

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nothing ,why not?

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