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Arduino Friendly PSoC Shield

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 Have you heard of Arduino ? I am sure you would have come across Arduino atleast once. Let me briefly tell you about Arduino. It is a platform which is considered to be the easiest embedded platform to work with. Programming an Arduino is child's play. The Arduino community makes what is called Arduino shield which can sit on top of any Arduino board and provide additional functionality such as XBEE, WIFI, Ethernet and so on.

A team at Michigan State University has now put together a PSoC5 board which will work with Arduino shield. The overall goal of this project is to have PSoC 5 be “Arduino-friendly”. In other words, one of the team at MSU is trying to have Arduino users purchase PSoC products. The overall goal of this project is to have a design that will prevent any technical difficulty when interacting Arduino shields with PSoC 5. 

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it  could  move to  STM32   MCU,

i  tried  it!



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