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TWO-BITS ADC | Cypress Semiconductor


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I was performing the Two-bits-ADC exampled showed in the

Understanding Swiched Capacitor Analog Blocks paper in page 8:

The c code forces the ports outputs P1.0, p1.1 ( handled by means the PRT1DR register, page 149 Technical Reference Manual) after avaluate the comparator output 0 column (read with CMP_CR0 reg in page 180 -technical Reference Manual ).

The issue is I compiled properly and download in the board and it don't works, so I performed the simplest code I could try:




// part specific constants and macros


"PSoCAPI.h" // PSoC API definitions for all User Modules




TwoBit_cr3 &=

0x3F; //Initialize to analog ground reference








I try this way with all the ports but I can see an high level at any pin of the port 3 or whatever else port I try. I'm asigning wrong the ports? Anyone knowns what's going on? Thanks for your attention. 

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