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switching frequency in a switched capacitor block (PSoC1) | Cypress Semiconductor

switching frequency in a switched capacitor block (PSoC1)

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 hi developers,

                             i am exploring the generic switched capacitor block in PSoC1. the switched capacitor block parameter list does not include a frequency selection option. is it user configurable? if so where can i find the frequency of switching. because for my design i need the input resistance value which is calculated as 1/(capacitance*switching frequency).

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The block (column) in a PSoC1 has an input for a frequency you have to select.You may use VC1 to 3, sysclk or any self-generated frequency (with a timer/counter/PWM) or even an externally supplied frequency. When you drop a SCBLOC on your chip-area you find the clock-selection on the right of the column consisting of two parts: a 4-1 mux and two 1-16 muxes giving you approximately  35 different clock sources.


Happy clocking


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Note that the maximum analog column clock frequency specification is 8MHz. That means, the maximum allowed switching frequency in SC blocks is 2MHz (8MHz/4). 

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