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some issue about 69103

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We just use the chip cyrf69103 to design. we use the IDE 'psoc designer5.0' for this project. We added the CYFISPI module to our project .But it can not work.The firmware can not retrieve an nonzero number after call the 'CYFISPI_Start()' function .

I want to know if the psoc designer 5.0 has some bug on the CYRF69103. And how we shoud use the CYFISPI module .

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are you trying to do a register read after calling CYFISPI_Start()? If you are, you first need to check the return from CYFISPI_Start(), if it is a true then you can do your read, if it returns false, that means the radio did not initialize correctly.

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Also, check that you're using build 471 (should be the latest) of PSoC Designer 5.0

Also, what hardware are you using?

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