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Solar Charge Controller

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The Cypress' charge controller based on CY8CLED04D01 has an in-built MPPT algorithmn. Is it possible to port that algorithm to a PSoC 1 device? Is there any advantage of using this device?

Sorry for posting the question again, I think I posted initially in the wrong location.

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No, you are right here, I answered one of your other threads here: 



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This ap note is accompanied by a project file set, written in C.

You could possibly port it to your own HW design.


Regards, Dana.

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PowerPSoC has additional power peripherals like hysteretic controllers, CSA etc in addition to the core (which is same as the PSoC 1 core - M8C). Indeally, it should be possible to port the code to a PSoC 1 device but you will have to use external components. 

The key advantage of Cypress' solution is that it is is a single chip solution for battery charging and driving LEDs. PowerPSoC has 4 channels of the power peripherals, these can be used for LED driving as well. So, with one PowerPSoC device you can implement a single chip solution for charging the battery and driving LEDs.

You can find all the details about the Cypress's MPPT solution at the link -

The Application Note that Dana mentioned has all the details about this solution along with the firmware. The AN link is

Best Regards


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