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Simple analog to digital conversion | Cypress Semiconductor

Simple analog to digital conversion

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The ADCINC is a neat little usermodule for performing analog to digital conversions. Learn how to implement an incremental ADC in PSoC 1 using the usermodule and a few lines of code.


The appnote AN2096 steps you through the necessary configuration and code required to use the PSoC 1 ADCINC Analog to Digital Converter (ADC). The ADCINC can be configured from 8 to 14 bits, with several different input ranges.

The example in the appnote shows how you can continuously sample a voltage and display the result on a LCD. 


You can download the application note document and the example project from the following page:



ADCINC block diagram




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Thanks!  the  ADC  is  a  very useful part

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