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SC Block Basics

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Description of PSoC 1 is incomplete without the mention of switched capacitor blocks. It is this feature, which makes the device unique. Switched capacitor blocks are highly configurable hardware blocks which can be configured to work as an amplifier, comparator, modulator, filter, ADC, DAC, integrator, differentiator and so on. And the story doesn't end here; you can even tune parameter of the function during run time. For example, changing the gain of amplifier, changing threshold in comparator, adjusting cut off frequency in filter, changing the integration time constant etc.

Here are some collaterals associated with switched capacitor blocks:

AN2041 - Understanding PSoC® 1 Switched Capacitor Analog Blocks -

AN2168 - PSoC® 1 - Understanding Switched Capacitor Filters -

AN2223 - PSoC® 1 - Approximating an Opamp with a Switched Capacitor Integrator -

AN2108 - PSoC® 1 - Implementing Hysteresis Comparator -

AN2161 - PSoC® 1 Analog - Voltage-to-Frequency Converter -

AN16833 - Signal Mixing with PSoC® Switched Capacitor Blocks -


Last but not the least...Technical reference manuals are the ultimate resource to understand any feature of PSoC 1 device in great amount of detail.

Technical reference manuals are available here-

Enjoy reading!

-Rajiv Badiger

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And in PSOC 3 is a SwitchCapConfig user module that is a basic

wizard for creating/configing -


The SwitchCapConfig User Module has four types of configuration:

Non-inverting amplifier configuration

Inverting amplifier configuration

Integrator configuration

Comparator configuration


Regards, Dana.

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Correct last post to read PSOC 1, not PSOC 3.


Someday the forum software will come into the 21'st century with the addition

of an editor.



Regards, Dana.

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Which day???



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