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Rf function for Psoc CY3209 EXPRESS EVK | Cypress Semiconductor

Rf function for Psoc CY3209 EXPRESS EVK

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I am an final year student with an project of RF by using Psoc, what I do is a Heartrate monitoring by using telemetry, well I already got a hear rate strap(POLAR T31) to detect heart rate(transmitters are worn around the chest and generate a 5kHz magnetic pulse with each heart beat they detect. The transmitted magnetic signals are fairly weak, but typically have a range of over 3 feet)

My tutor suggest me to use one quadrant psoc cy3209 set as an transceiver,means receive the RF signal from strap and then transmit the signal for longer distance~and could use the orthe quadrant set as an orther receiver(Hardware simulation) and then dispaly the data on PC.

As I am not familar with the Psoc, I do not know whether this method will be work or not, and which step I should start with Psoc?

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Do you have details of what is the transmission mode of the T31 transmitter? I checked a few web pages on T31 transmitter and it looks like the transmitter transmits codes. So, you will have to first find out details like frequency, modulation and coding method employed by the transmitter and then decide on the receiving circuit.

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The following is my suggestion of how to implement the circuit in PSoC.

1. Configure a 1st state PGA with a gain of 48. Take the output of this PGA to a pin

2. Capacitively couple the output of the first PGA to a second PGA with a gain of 48. Pass the output of the second PGA through a Band pass filter for 5KHz.

3. If necessary, add one more stage of PGA and capacitively couple the output of the BPF to the third stage.

4. Rectify the output of the BPF and pass it through an LPF.

5. The output of the LPF may then be passed to a comparator to detect heart beat.

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Here are some information related to my project, the problem now I meet is 2 quadrant RF communication of CY3209

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