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Psoc Slider - End segments size for off and full on | Cypress Semiconductor

Psoc Slider - End segments size for off and full on

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Developing a slider for control of light levels. Did some evaluation on slider design. We wish to have end segments be used for off and max level. I believe extending the end segment sensor to be larger will better guarantee a touch to that segment will produce the end values from the slider resolution output. This way the finger is not making contact with next segment at all.

Can anyone confirm this concept?


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Slider API calculates centroid and based on that it decides position of finger on slider.

The thumb rule is your finger should cover three silder segments.

I believe if you want to turn OFF on last segment only, you need to use one extra IO to sense this last segment.



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The concept is pretty good. For implementing this you can check the slider and if the slider centroid is returning the value as maximum, in that case you can switch the slider OFF and Enable the Individual sensor and scan them sequentially. Based on the counts obtained from the last and the neighboring sensor you can decide whether is it only the last sensor or the thumb has some affect on the neighboring sensors as well.

Then it decides on your logic that when do you want to turn it OFF.

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